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Halloween Pranks

Here are a few favorite halloween pranks for you to maybe try on a friend, family member or anyone for that matter! We've also got a few actual video clips of halloween pranks being carried out, so check 'em out below:

  • Dress up as though you are the actual halloween decor for your lawn. So for example, maybe you'd dress up as scarecrow, and when someone walks by you jump at 'em and scare the heck out of them.
  • When the trick-or-treaters arrives at your door, give them something other than what they're expecting (i.e. candy); maybe given them some old clothes, golf balls, tooth picks ... you get the picture!
  • More suggested halloween pranks to be added, so stay tuned!
  • Be sure to check out the the halloween prank videos below.

Ok, check out these hilarious and heart-stopping halloween prank moments that were caught on video:

Old man and the lady in the office halloween prank

Jason mask in the office halloween prank

Freddie Krueger in the office halloween prank

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