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Halloween Q&A

Welcome to our Halloween Q&A section. Here we try to answer some of the more popular questions about Halloween.

Q: What is Halloween?
A: Halloween is a holiday that's celebrated annually on the night of October 31. See our History of Halloween page for more details on its origin.

Q: What is the meaning of halloween?
A: The word Halloween is shortened from All-hallow-evening. For more about the meaning of its celebration, please see our History of Halloween page.

Q: What year did halloween start?
A: The first historical references to Halloween were from approximately 2000 years ago.

Q: What day is halloween?
A: October 31.

Q: how many days until halloween?
A: Mark your calendars; Halloween is celebrated every year on October 31.

Q: Why do we celebrate Halloween?
A: The celebration of Halloween in the United States began with the mass immigration of millions of Irish in the 1800s. It has become the 2nd most popular celebratory holiday, probably because it's just so cool!

Stay tuned, more Halloween questions & answers coming soon.

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